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Footdoctor, CFO

Joe Kercheval is a licensed sports trainer of over six years and a certified FootDoctor since 2018. Joe is one of five FootDoctors in the Midwest region and the sole FootDoctor in his hometown, Omaha, Nebraska. Joe was a multi-sport athlete in High School and competed against elite athletes in USATF track and field competitions. Joe noticed while competing outside of his home state that there was a noticeable gap in talent between National competitors and State competitors. 

He knew then that he wanted to assist in bridging the talent gap in his demographic. As a FootDoctor, Joe is changing the way State athletes train and perform. Utilizing FootDoctor technology, Joe is developing athletes who can move more efficiently with speed, quickness, and agility, while mitigating injury and improving strength. Joe’s mission is to connect athletes’ subconscious mind and muscles while enhancing their understanding of proper patterns of movement. Joe has impacted many of the inner-city youth as well as collegiate athletes with his advanced training methods.

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