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"To be the best you have to train with the best! Improving your game starts with being put in an uncomfortable position. Only in this state can you see where your deficiencies are!! Joe is of the best trainers in the entire country, having trained with high level individuals in multiple states I can assure you he is one of the best I have encountered. There are many things I can bring up about training with him. But to single out one aspect in particular it would relate to what I said above about being uncomfortable. Joe puts you in a position where you can feel comfortable being uncomfortable. When you are doing something you have never done and someone is showing you the ropes and you have full trust in them that is comfort. Then once you see the results the testimony has been certified. #BoltGang⚡️"

- Evan Gutierrez, Athlete



"I coached youth track (Go Bengals!) with JoePro before he became a trainer, so I personally knew way back that he had the heart to instill greatness into kids. I chose to have my son train with JoePro because of his knowledge and dedication. He goes all out for the kids. He doesn’t only care about getting better physically but also mentally. He takes each kids’ improvement personal.  He holds them accountable, he’s a big brother, a mentor, and a friend. He doesn’t care if you started out being the best, he wants to see you get better and he will get you better, faster and smarter working with JoePro. Joe is a natural at what he does, he’s not soft and I appreciate that in him, he is passionate on all levels and it truly shows."

- Jenna Beyer, mother of Kyrell Jordan



"If I’m being honest I could write an article on Joe and his dedication to his boys. We found out about Joe through some close friends our sons 9th grade year and to our surprise Joe started working with a 7vs7 team (Nebraksa Elite) our son was blessed to be apart of! My son is a hard pill to swallow,but Joe winged him and put more than 100% in our boy! Joe had our son moving quicker and confident in his game come last season before he was injured! Since his injury Joe has made it his mission to see him come back better than before! Joe is a not only a trainer, Joe is a big brother, and friend."

- Alex Sides, mother of Gio Contreras



Joe Pro is an integral piece to the physical and mental development of my three kids for football, soccer, wrestling, and lacrosse.  At ages 10, 11 and 14, they have dubbed Joe “a movement scientist” because of his ability to understand and evaluate, explain and demonstrate, encourage and motivate. He has improved their linear and multidirectional quality of movement while simultaneously developing their awareness of body mechanics, energy absorption, strength, and flexibility.  His passion for injury prevention and commitment to maximizing the athlete’s potential through hard-work, respect, and discipline has improved their confidence and made personal development fun.  If your athlete is serious about improving, I would highly recommend Joe!!!

- Sarah Urbanec mother of Chase, Taylor & Cole



"Our son Adrian Davis has been working with Joe Pro for years now, going from that kid who gets to play sports to that kid who gets to compete at sports! Joe Pro has been able to change his mentality on what he thinks of himself as an athlete, and has been able to bring out the competitive nature of him. Not only has his mental toughness been engaged, his physicality, strength, and work ethic has increased astronomically.  The trust my athlete has in Joe Pro as his trainer, and his adopted Big Bro is nothing short of a family environment that we will always hold dear over anything. Bolt kids are different and it really shows on the field, court, and in life. Joe Pro truly cares about the development of the athlete no matter the sport, his focus is always on improving the athletes functionality and performance. True believer in the ⚡️⚡️⚡️."

- Eric Davis, father of Adrian Davis



"Where do I even begin. We were hesitant to start at such a young age with our son, who is just a soft teddy bear. However, from day one, Joe has inspired him to be better. He looks up to Joe, and takes his words of wisdom and encouragement to heart. He is excelling tremendously already, and it’s only just the beginning. Joe doesn’t do this for a job, he does it because it’s what he loves. It’s noticeable on the faces of Joe as well as the kids, and also the parents watching from a far. Thank you Joe, for being you, and being so invested in your athletes. We will forever be grateful for you, and everything you do!"

- Ashley Colburn, mother of Hunter Colburn

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